How to create the perfect flat-lay wedding photo!

March 25, 2022

Flat Lays are a key instrument to the detail photos for any and all of our clients galleries. Flat-lays are a nice way to bring together both your style as well as your legacy, all in one spot as a keepsake that lasts beyond your wedding day.

Flat-lay photos go nicely to help define the mood and to help set the story of your wedding day and what led up to who you and your fiance are, and why that’s worth communicating to your children one day.

What is included in a good flat lay?
- Your wedding Invitation to set the stage with the most weight in the image
- Save the Dates (if applicable)
- The Rings and/or their boxes
- Jewelry
- Decorations
- Your veil
- Your shoes
- Your Bouquet
- Your Perfume
- Floral Trimmings
- Any other sentimental items

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